The Best Thimble for Hand Quilting

Wearing and using a thimble can be  awkward in the beginning.  If you are right handed then you will wear it on the middle finger of your right hand, although I've seen some quilters use the pointer finger as well.  Which ever thimble you choose to use, it really is a must.  The purpose of this quilt tool is  for pushing the needle through all the layers of the quilt. Without adequate finger protection you will certainly puncture your quilting finger with the eye of the needle. 

The leather coin thimble, which I use for my store banner, is the best thimble for hand quilters.  The coin, metal area, is dimpled to help hold the eye of the needle in place.  More importantly it is located on the side of the thimble so you are pushing with the pad of your finger, the strongest part,  not the top of your finger.  When I see quilters using the top of their fingers and an old metal thimble to quilt I think of them as having "Claw" hands. It just looks so uncomfortable.

There are many thimbles available which allow for pushing the needle with the side of your finger.  This thimble can be washed and dryed if you find its a little too big to fit your finger.